The Benefits of Secondary Double Glazing

/Benefits of Secondary Glazing

The Benefits of  Secondary Glazing for existing windows

Why choose Secondary Glazing vs Double Glazing?

Secondary glazing existing windows & doors provides many benefits to commercial properties & home owners. For existing properties, secondary glazing is far superior to double glazing or triple glazing & it is also much cheaper.

In summary:-

  • Retrofitting double glazed windows & doors is cheaper than to install completely new double glazing for existing doors & windows as you only have to pay fo one new pane of glass … read more about the cost of Double Glazing vs Secondary Glazing.
  • You keep your existing windows & doors & there is no change to the exterior facade … which is a requirement for heritage listed homes & many strata title situations … read more.
  • You will save money on heating & cooling costs … read more.
  • Our solution will eliminate drafts, dust & pollution … guaranteed! … read more.
  • Reduce the transmission of noiseread more.
  • We offer added security with optional locks which are available for all our windows & doors.
  • Ours is a visually appealing solution. Our windows are ultra slim & we offer a colour matching service to ensure your new windows & doors blend in perfectly with existing colour schemes.
  • And finally, there is minimal disruption & mess to install the new retrofitted interior windows & doors … we don’t have to rip out existing doors & windows & as a result it typically only takes one hour per window to install new double glazing with our secondary glazing solution.

Not only do you get all the benefits as listed above, but Sound Proof Windows has experienced and expert secondary glazing installers that can make your home or business quieter, more secure, more energy efficient & thus more valuable with minimal disruption to install them.

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Keep existing windows & doors with secondary glazed windows & doors

You Keep Your Existing Windows & Doors

With Secondary Glazing, we install a new door or window on the inside of the existing door or window. That’s right, there’s no need have to ‘rip out‘ your existing doors or windows.

As a result, the cost to install our secondary glazing is typically less than half the cost of installing new double glazed windows & doors.

And our secondary glazing solutions are so thin and unobtrusive that you’ll barely notice they’re there.


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We dont replace existing windows = lower costs
Eliminate drafts, dust & pollution from entering

Stop Drafts

If you need to eliminate drafts from doors or windows, secondary glazing is your best bet. Our precision installation and high quality materials – including Polypropylene Weatherpile sealant – eliminates drafts, bugs, smoke and dust. Our window double glazing keeps out the Sydney environment in summer and winter.


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Stop drafts or draughts
Add value to existing homes with double glazing. A Lift up window with our secondary glazing.

Add Value To Your Home

The issues that appear in news headlines in Sydney these days commonly relate to the high cost of energy & sadly, increased burglaries & home invasions.

By installing our double glazing solution, you will not only reduce heat transfer through windows & doors, but with our optional locks for all our doors and windows, you increase the security of your property.

And window & door glazing is one of the most effective means of reducing external noise coming into a property, making it much quieter.

This all adds up and increases the future resale value for your property in the eyes of a potential purchaser.


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Add value to your home. More energy efficient, quieter, more secure, ...
Reduce or Save on energy costs in Melbourne. Secondary glazed windows reduce heat transfer

Save Energy Costs

Secondary glazing of windows & doors helps to maintain the temperature inside your rooms. Less heat lost in winter & less heat in summer. This saves heating & cooling energy costs.

The additional & wider layer of air with our secondary glazing is the perfect insulating material and stabilises inside temperatures.


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Reduce or Save on energy costs in Melbourne
Soundproof windows & doors to reduce noise.

Window Noise Reduction – Soundproof Windows

Keep sound out (or inside) of your house or business. For residential buildings, this means reducing noise from the street, nearby businesses, and the world in general, to create a peaceful home environment. For many commercial glazing needs in Sydney, the aim is more often to keep noise – from music, bands, machinery, or crowds – inside the building. And for some parents with special needs children, containing their noise contributes to a more harmonious living environment for the whole family.


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Soundproof windows & doors to reduce noise.
Secondary Glazing Technical Drawings

Technical Drawings

For people who need in depth information about our secondary glazing, we have made available all the technical drawings. Each design is well illustrated with drawings for the reference of the keen technically oriented. Take a look and you will see for yourself how secondary glazing works & delivers benefits & advantages over traditional double glazing.


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Secondary Glazing Technical Drawings

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