Double Glazed Windows – No Match For Secondary Glazing

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IMPORTANT: Don’t commit to double glazing windows until you’ve read this.

In the past, double-glazed windows were the go-to option for soundproofing to reduce unwanted noise, block or eliminate drafts & reduce heat loss or transfer through windows to reduce heating or cooling costs.

Are you on a busy street? Double-glazed windows and doors do keep out the noise.

Freezing in the dead of winter? Double-glazed windows do keep in the heat.

Although effective, replacing perfectly functional windows then installing brand-new double-glazed windows is expensive and disruptive, to say the least.

At Sound Proof Windows, we’ve developed a system that costs less than 50% of what a standard double-glazed window would cost and can be fitted in an hour or less per window.

Not only is the installation is quicker and less disruptive, but the soundproofing and draft reduction results are much better as well!

It’s called secondary glazing, where we retrofit a second window to the inside of your existing window.

Why is retrofitting cheaper than double glazing?

Upgrading existing windows to double glazing means ripping out the original windows and installing completely new double-glazed windows.

When retrofitting secondary glazing we install a new window on the room side of your existing window to create double glazed windows.

You keep your current windows, and we just instal a new window over them to give you double-glazed soundproof windows for less money than it would cost to replace two panes of glass.

Visit our Double Glazed Windows Costs page, where we provide costs per metre for a variety of window types, to find out how affordable our secondary double glazed windows are or How expensive is our retro-fitted secondary double glazed windows.

Why does secondary glazing perform better?

It all comes down to the air gap between the glass panels. Physics tells us, and tests verify, that the wider the air gap, the better the reduction of sound and energy moving through the glass.

When compared to secondary glazed windows, double glazing only offers a very small air gap, which results in far less efficient soundproofing and window insulation.

Will Double Glazing Windows alter the look of my home?

Existing windows in Sydney residences must typically be removed in order to instal new double glazing. You can maintain your original windows and, thus, the original atmosphere of your home, with retrofitting or secondary glazing. As a result, it’s possible to install double glazing on everything from the older style lead light windows to existing aluminium windows!

Also keep in mind that installing traditional double glazing might not be an option if your home is heritage listed or if you live in a body corporate. Secondary glazing can get around any limitations because it doesn’t alter the exterior of your home.

Sounds too good to be true. What’s the Catch?

When you choose Double glazing sound proof windows, there is no catch! We will come to you for a no-obligation quotation at a time that suits you. Contact us now.

Call us at 1300 275 353 to chat with one of our friendly window technicians about how double glazing may improve your home or place of business. You can also send us a note using our Contact Form, and we’ll get back to you.

Double glazing air gap is much smaller than for Secondary Glazing.
Double glazing installation means removing existing windows
Double glazed windows construction view