Secondary Double Glazed Aluminium Windows

//Secondary Double Glazed Aluminium Windows
Three part horizontal slider secondary glazed window over existing windows in kitchen
Retrofitted double glazed patio doors
Single hinged secondary glazed window unit over existing window
Three part horizontal slider over existing windows

Double glaze existing aluminium windows & doors & save $s!

Secondary double glazing can be retrofitted to most types of existing aluminium windows and doors, and it is less expensive than standard double glazing and offers higher thermal and soundproofing benefits (reduced heat loss & transference).

Retrofitting double glazing is cheaper

Quite simply, as we add a new window on the inside of your existing widnow or door, you only pay for one additional pane of glass. This typically results in savings of over 30% as compared to completely replacing the existing window or door and fitting completely new double glazed aluminium windows or doors.

Better soundproofing

The main benefit of secondary double-glazing windows and doors for soundproofing comes from the larger gap created by our approach between the two panes of glass. Better soundproofing is associated with a bigger air gap. (See Reduce Noise for more details & a video that demonstrates the difference.)

Improved thermal benefits & reduced drafts

Our double glazing that was retrofitted is entirely sealed with the window frame, preventing airflow and, therefore, heat loss. There may frequently be a gap between the unit and the frame in classic double-glazed windows or doors with a single unit installed, allowing heat transfer and draught. (For further details, see Reduce Heat Loss ).

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