Soundproofing Products


Soundproofing Products for Glass Doors & Windows

It is probably safe to assume that if you are looking for soundproofing products for glass doors or windows, you already own a home, office, or other buildings and would like to reduce the amount of noise entering through these existing windows or doors.

If that is the case, then you have a few options including:

  • Installing new or better seals around the doors & windows
    This is both the cheapest & the least effective option. Sound will still easily be transferred through the existing panes of glass.
  • Installing new double glazed windows or doors
    Using two panes of glass dramatically increases the soundproofing (& thermal insulation) benefits due to the insulating air gap between the two panes of glass. This is also the most expensive option as you must completely replace the existing window or door with two new panes of glass.
  • Retrofitting secondary double glazing
    By installing a secondary window or door inside the existing one, this solution offers better soundproofing & thermal insulation as there is a larger gap between the two panes of glass. It is also cheaper as you will only have to pay for one additional pane of glass.

Soundproofing windows with secondary double glazing

We can retrofit secondary double glazing of windows for the following windows styles, which we feel to be the best soundproofing product for existing windows.

Vertical Slider Windows

All Vertical Slider windows have twin Polypropylene Weatherpiles that are double sealed, and the full-length handles that are positioned on the bottom of each panel are used to operate them.
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Vertical Slider

Horizontal Slider Windows

Our most well-liked style is horizontal slide units. When necessary, a handle that runs the entire length of the panel is used to access horizontal sliders.
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Horizontal Slider

Lift-out Windows

When a secondary glazing window is required on an existing window that is hardly opened, lift out windows are frequently installed. It includes a handle at the bottom for simple access and window panel removal.
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Hinged Unit / Panel

Almost every type of window can be fitted with a hinged unit. These secondary double-glazed windows with hinges offer simple, low-cost effective thermal insulation and sound reduction.
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Hinged Unit / Panel

Fixed Panel Windows

Fixed panel secondary glazed windows cannot be opened; the function of fixed glazing is to allow light to enter while reducing sound, maintaining temperature and reducing drafts.
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Fixed Panel

Window Locks

We offer:

Soundproofing glass doors with secondary double glazing

We offer secondary double glazing of doors which we believe is the best soundproofing product for existing glass doors & can retrofit double glazing for the following styles of doors.


We provide brand-new French doors that open inward and are installed inside of your current doors. With full access to your original doors, you now have double glazed French Doors.
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French Doors


Our single, double-glazed doors swing inward and are hinged on the inside, allowing complete access to your existing door. There are single and double doors available.
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Single Panel Doors


Our secondary double-glazing system allows us to internally duplicate your patio doors. Therefore, you would open our new door before your current door in order to reach your patio.
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Patio Doors